Formation Edit

The 705th Penal Regiment is a unit of Overwatch conscripts that were pulled from detention centers all across Sector 17. It was decided that rather than waste valuable assets that could be used elsewhere, Overwatch would begin to amass forces of "disposable" soldiers to be sent on suicide missions. Prisoners serving life sentences or on death row were selected to compose these units, as these men have nothing left to lose. The 705th was formed from the worst of the worst; from serial killers, rapists, terrorists, etc. These men were promised their freedom if they managed to survive a certain number of combat operations. (though the probability of survival on the missions they are assigned is almost 0%, which they conveniently neglected to tell the candidates)

Reputation Edit

The 705th has earned a name for itself as one of the most brutal and reckless conscript units. Since most of these men realize that the likelihood of them coming back from a mission is extremely low, many of them care nothing for the consequences of their actions. They are known to be incredibly difficult to work with, often posing as much of a danger to their allies as themselves. Many altercations have taken place between the 705th and other conscript units; the most notorious incident involving the fatal stabbing of a loyalist officer of the 241st conscript division. The perpetrators were quickly rounded up and executed by transhuman personnel. The men of the 705th have a well-documented hatred of authority, which contributes to the unit having the highest officer fatality rate of any conscript unit. Most of these casualties are usually due to friendly fire.

Equipment and Training Edit

The soldiers of the 705th don't have any formal training to speak of; the most they're shown is how to point a gun at the enemy and pull the trigger. It is because of their disposable nature that their training is so bare-bones, as Overwatch tends to simply throw them in waves at the enemy rather than educate them in any real battlefield tactics. Their most distinguishing feature is their bright orange uniforms, which have earned them the nickname "The Orange Creamsicle Brigade" from their Lambda enemies. The equipment of the 705th is mostly of western design, utilizing many pre-war American weapons and vehicles, though there is a mix of eastern gear among the ranks as well. The 705th is a light infantry regiment, therefore they lack any heavy armor or air support.

Their equipment consists of, but is not limited to:

M113 APC

Ural-4320 Cargo Truck



M16A1-A2 + M203 GL





Beretta 92FS

SIG P250

Colt M1911



M67 Frag Grenade

M9 Combat Bayonet

Notable Deployments Edit

Battle of White Forest

Various Outlands Skirmishes