Blood Liberation Edit

"They can occupy the streets. They can occupy our homes, but they will NEVER occupy the soul!" -Commander White, rallying a Citizen Militia during an Unknown uprising.

The Blood Liberation, are a Large group, opperating somewhere within eastern Europe. They have many outposts over Russian and Europe, with their main being located somewhere in the Latvian Coast.

They have many Armed personal, with knowledge of Xenians, and Knowledge of Vehicles. They have found 2 armored vehicles, and have adapted Pre-war cars and unarmed vehicles to create a swarm of Makeshift Scrap cars. They have a rather large population, and even a few Pre-war fishing boats, adapted into a makeshift navy.

Military Edit

The Blood Liberation, have a variety of prewar and post war fighters, all equip and trained to a certain degree. They have a special operations unit, and a command structure similar to that of a Military

They have Various vehicles, tanks and boats, and even a few Vortigaunts. They are overall a formidable fighting force, and tough defenders.

History Edit

The Beginning Edit

A few people came together to form this group, and from then on, they have been expanding. When they obtained over 100, they started a full offensive on the Combine.

Betrayal Edit

Originally, these people were allied with a group called "Unseen". This was not to last. "Unseen" released an offensive on the Bloods, known as the Night of Blind Blood or The Baltic Conflict. This bought heavy combine, civilian and Rebel casualties, however the Blood's came out on top, and seized all of the Unseen's man power, territory, and influence.

Shortage Edit

The group currently has some weapon shortages, meaning only the few "Special forces" and about 1/3 of the Regular force get the actual weapons listed. Others, can often get makeshift weapons, or just weapons they find on the battlefield.

Weaponry Edit

Regular force Edit

-AK-47, or similar Variants/ Bolt action rifles

-Tokarev/Makarov/Glock 17/18

-Various Grenades


-Standard Supplies


-Any makeshift weapons, where shortages are aparent

Special Forces Edit

-HK416/Pulse Rifle

-Glock 17/Ots-33 Pernach


-Various Grenades

Makeshift "Navy" Edit


-Any Pistol available

Scouts Edit


-Any Pistol available