The Combine Ministry of Loyalty & Truth is a sub-division of the Combine Union and its administrators. CMLT officers work directly under the orders of Union administrators.

CMLT officers are tasked with investigating, rooting out and amputating Resistance cells wherever they can be found. The CMLT operate primarily within city limits.

History Edit

First founded in Section 8 (formerly known as Asia) the CMLT was the response to an ever-growing resistance thriving in the tight slums of City 8 and the like.

It became evidently clear that the simple Civil Protection officers were either not equipped to handle a underground movement of such a scale, not to mention that some of them had become corrupt and worked in secrecy to support the insurgents.

The CMLT treated the situation properly, balancing brute force, wits and cunning strategy to find a solution more effective than mass-raids or Overwatch pacification.

Enlisting weak-minded citizens as spies (and rewarding them handsomely) proved effective in the CMLTs efforts to map the underground movement, allowing them to send in three small strike teams to eliminate the resistance leadership before they could vanish out in the outlands.

Because the CMLT was so successfull the Union administrators agreed to keep the organization secret. While the CMLT remains hidden from the public eye their reputation does not and today there are whispers of uniformed officers grabbing people when they least expect it.

The same people are never to be seen again.

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CMLT Uniform Edit

The basic uniform of the CMLT officers. Carrying the same camouflage as the Overwatch soldiers combined with black boots, gloves and berets this combination sends chills down the spine of both citizens and CPs.

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