The Eastern minutemen was independent group of soldiers, who came from mostly Stranded NATO battalions who escaped from the 7 Hour war.

While they do have some Okay equipment and have some working tanks and vehicles they lack in numbers but strength in Tactics and Guerrilla warfare.

They have access to a few Tanks and AFV since there village and base was near a town that had a factory they also, sold vehicle parts or tank parts in exchange for weapons,food,water,etc.

Equipment Edit

Mostly standard issue NATO weapons along with Eastern european NATO weapons, But started using more WW1-WW2 weapons so less NATO weapons are lost.

Notable members Edit

The commander (real name Unknown)

Not much information was revealed about this man as he wasn't seen during the NATO-Eastern europe Joint training exercises, But was the man to lead the soldiers when everybody else was either panicking or deserting. But did disclose some information that he was an SAS Operative and Was once a member of MI6 but was kicked out due to some "Problems".