Eclipse are a small, well equip military force, located on the outskirts of City 17. They use bombs, and other weapons to hold their success. They also have many other bases located in the City 17 Canals, and even the Outlands. They used to be a group of Eastern European Smugglers and Mercenaries trying to flee an oppressive Government. They didn't fight the combine. They hid underground. They owned a small factory that produced tanks and helicopters during the Cold War. They own 2 Helicopters and 2 tanks. After the 7 hour war, they recruited many people into their group. They consist of 400 men. They own a Small but safe, safe zone in the Outlands.

The Standard Soldier Load out is as followed

Scout- AK74, USP Match, Harpoon, Kevlar vest

Hunter- Bolt Action Rifle, Glock 17, Machette, Kevlar Vest

Standard Soldier- FAMAS f1, Glock 18, Kuri Knife, Old Military vest

Heavy Soldier- AK47, RPG, Kuri, Heavy Kevlar Vest

High ranked soldier- FAMAS f2, Machette, 357 Revolver, KS-23 shotgun, Heavy Kevlar and Gas Mask

Spy- Tokarev Pistol, Camera

Air force helicopters