The Hunter Killers are a rebel group situated in City 14. They are hostile to both Lambda and Overwatch. Their name is a mockery directed at the leader of Lambda 17-14, Daniel Hunter.

History Edit

The Hunter Killers came about after a falling out with Lambda 17-14. Their leader, one Faraz Hamza, was once a prominent member of 17-14 who earned himself a reputation as an exceptionally sadistic field commander. After one particular raid that left a number of innocent refugees dead, it was deemed that Hamza's methods were too brutal for Lambda, and he was immediately discharged from the ranks. Taking with him a group of his most loyal soldiers, Hamza settled in the sewers beneath City 14 and began to plot his revenge on both Overwatch and Lambda. Since the formation of the Hunter Killers, the group's numbers have swelled to the point where they are powerful enough to challenge Lambda directly in City 14.

Organization Edit


The leader of the Hunter Killers, Faraz Hamza.

The exact size of the Hunter Killers is unknown, though it is speculated that they have at least a couple hundred members. Fighters operate in lightly armed squads of 4-5 and favor mobility over firepower. They use the same methods as their Lambda counterparts, choosing to hit and run rather than stand and fight. The power structure of the Hunter Killers is very loose; there are no established ranks, members simply listen to the most experienced of their squads. The only person in the HKs with absolute authority is Hamza himself. The HKs do not have a standing fleet of vehicles nor do they have a considerable stockpile of heavy weapons; it is their intimate knowledge of the many secret passageways around City 14 that allows them to fight so effectively.

Rivalry with 17-14 Edit

Hunter Killers

Hunter Killers closing in on a hapless member of 17-14.

Because of their history with 17-14, the original members of the Hunter Killers hold a bitter hatred toward them. Newer members are fed horror stories about 17-14 in order to turn them against their former allies. The HKs give no quarter to Lambda members in general, but when a member of 17-14 falls into their hands they take their time with them. Preferred methods of disposing of 17-14 members are immolation, dismemberment, hanging, burying alive, and feeding them living to a pack of houndeyes.

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