Lambda 17-14 is a Lambda resistance faction active in White Forest area.

Description Edit

It is of the oldest Lambda detachments In the White Forest region, led by an accomplished rebel leader Colonel Daniel Hunter. Established early after formation of the Lambda resistance itself, this formation is responsible for overseeing and disrupting a major railroad line that connects City 17 and City 14, from which they got is name (17-14). Their HQ is located deep inside the forest, inside an unfinished underground shelter which houses a large portion of their supplies and equipment, though there a dozens of small auxiliary campsites around the bunker which are also used for storage or troop housing. Like most Lambda detachments of the region, Lambda 17-14 falls under control of Lambda high command and White Forest base, though they still usually act on their own accord.

Throughout the years, Lambda 17-14 inflicted lots of damage to Combine freight system and infrastructure along the railroad, sometimes severely disrupting their logistics and thus aiding Lambda and other rebel groups to slowly expand and gather strength.

Lately, a successful raid on conscript transport train provoked a massive Combine retaliation. Several well known Overwatch detachments, such as 241st Infantry Conscript Regiment, 516th Motorized "Iron Wolf" Infantry Division and 705th Penal Regiment were deployed against Lambda 17-14. Fierce guerrilla woodland fighting turned into a conventional trench warfare which rebels couldn't fight for long and retreated deeper into their territory, building extra fortification along the way.

Size Edit

Lambda 17-14 grew over years, from a meager 20 man band to a well equipped 1200 rebel regiment.

Currently there are over 1050 rebel troops and 150 rear personnel, such as medics, engineers, technicians.

Casualties are replaced by refugees, brought mainly by The Railroad.

Lambda 17-14 Patrol

A group of lambda 17-14 soldiers patrol their territory.


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