Overview Edit

The Sword Task force was created by high ranking members of City Eighteen, commanded by unit 17837 'Dominika Cochenkov' as a response to the recent attacks in Sector Seventeen, it is the Civil Protections efforts to crush the resistants of the Cohesion and any threat that threatens the interests of the City.

Recently the Task Force was forced to be re-organised into a Conscript Force with Overwatch elements attached just a week into its deployment under City 18 commands order, 178 was transhumanized to continue her command as the Loyalist Commander she is.

Organisation Edit

The Task Force Organisation is broken down into squads and small divisions consisting of:


KING consists of all units with a commanding title, responsible for day to day operations of STF


SHARK is the air group that is the STF's means of movement across areas quickly, consisting of troop transports and attack choppers


HUNTER platoons are units made into the platoons of men, tasked with hunting down targets within their Operating areas.


The Armour Platoon is rare within the STF currently two tanks strong and is kept in reserve in case of an emergency.


The STORMTROOPER CORPS is the elite of the STF and is more common sight than a regular conscript, its been rumoured they are brainwashed to loyalty.


This company is made up of the standard conscripts that exist within the STF


A lot of the STF have recruits often attached to a base with some of the REGULAR COMPANY, they are trained to expectations and are punished if disobeying orders from their superiors.

Equipment Edit

Current Equipment is unknown at this point

Vehicle/Aircraft Edit

30 Huey helicopters

5 Black Hawks

2 T-72's

Unknown APC/Truck Transport numbers

Known figures Edit

Commander 17837 -Major Faction Leader

LT Takahido Cheng - Forward Base Officer

SGT John Kerrigan - 12th Platoon

LT Alexander Thisk - Airbase Officer

Affiliations Edit

Combine side:

City 18 Command [Creator of Task Force[ [Loyal]

Independent side:


Rebel side:

Lambda [Hostile] [Pending extermination]