Formation Edit

The Continental Army was formed some time after the fall of the United States following the 7 Hour's War. The group came to be after what was left of the US military went into hiding to escape the Combine. Most of the survivors were special forces soldiers, who took it upon themselves to round up what remnants they could and train them to fight a guerrilla war against their new oppressors. After a few years of training underground, the Continental Army made its presence known to the Combine by frequently harassing supply lines and outposts in the Frontier.

Organization Edit

The Continental Army does not have the capacity to fight a war toe-to-toe with the Combine, and so rely on hit and fade tactics to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Squads of 3 to 8 men may take on operations ranging from assassinations, search and destroy, or simple recon. The size of the squad is tailored to match their assignment. The soldiers of the Continental Army (known as Continental Regulars) are organized much like they were before the war; each man belongs to a squad, which is part of a platoon, which is part of a company, and so on and so forth. Despite being organized like a traditional military, the Continental Army almost never operates on a scale larger than a few squads at a time. The CA has managed to retain a significant number of vehicles, such as tanks and armored personnel carriers, though use of these must be extremely limited as the Combine would surely take notice. The CA operates no aircraft, as the skies are completely dominated by Airwatch. All leftover aircraft were salvaged for parts when the CA went into hiding.

Volunteer Forces Edit

The Continental Army obviously only has a limited pool of ex-military personnel to draw from, therefore the CA regularly accepts volunteers into their ranks to be trained in the ways of war. These volunteer members may take on any role in the CA, be it support or combat. Many incoming volunteers have no experience with combat or even firearms in general, and as such the CA has a large auxiliary force of volunteers that perform all functions such as medical treatment, intel gathering, R&D (though this capacity is extremely limited since the Combine control most of Earth's technology), or general maintenance. Volunteers that elect to go into combat duty start as lightly armed scout forces, until such a time when they are deemed worthy to become a Regular.

Equipment Edit

The Continental Army exclusively uses US arms and vehicles (since they were the US military at one point). The CA has a number of tanks and APCs at their disposal, though not enough to make a significant difference in the long run.

Area Of Operation Edit

Former United States, mainly the Pacific Northwest.