'​The Disruptors'Edit

The Disruptors are an independent rebel faction whos aim is to disrupt the Combine rule in City 17. The Disruptors consists of a small network
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Two Disruptors preparing for an operation

of skilled insurgents who launch small attacks on combine forces, usually using IED's(Improvised Explosive Device) and whatever guns they can get their hands on. Although their manpower isn't as much of that of the bigger rebel forces in City 17, The Disruptors are a deadly force. The Disruptors have been known to launch lethal attacks on Civil Protection APC (Armoured Patrol Car) patrols aswell as their killing of prominent Combine Loyalists in broad daylight.

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A safehouse is restocked for the next user

The Disruptors mainly use safehouses to move around and evade capture from Civil Protection. After being used, safe houses are restocked with supplies for the next user. Some compounds are bigger than others, acting as the main bases for the Disruptors and holding the most supplies.

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An explosive trap by a safehouse door

With raids by Civil Protection always being a possibility, many safe houses have traps installed, set to wipe out any unwanted intruders