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The Railroad is a rebel organization with two separate chapters (One in America, another in City 17). They were created from the ashes of the Seven Hour War, by General Alan Bridges and the remaining survivors of his squad. The Railroad uses both Military and Refugees members to fill their ranks, with most Refugees becoming Medics or Scavengers. The chapter in America is different to City 17's Chapter, due to the amount to members and the supplies they have.

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River Trade.

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Railroad's Civilian Scouts

Tunnel Snakes - A subdivision of the Railroad that was made a a quick response team after the Battle of Voroshci.

Dima Germanovich: Was once part of the Russian Army, until the Seven Hour War occured. With his wife dead along with most people he knew, he wandered most of Eastern Europe until he met The Railroad. He knows he away around guns, especially his shotgun "Sasha".

Lester Colagen : A medical expert, he helps The Railroad with injuries and sickness. He hasn't seen much time outside of safehouses, but he knows how to use a gun.

Anton Sanddahl : A former conscript leader, he turned after seeing the horrors he had inflicted on innocent people. His military experience and knowledge allows the Tunnel Snakes to succeed where most would fail.

Eric Dalhman : Him and his sister were evacuated after the Rebel defeat in the Battle of Voroshci. He had been a miner, along with his father. Most of his family had been down in the sewer system when it was blown up, leaving him with only his sister.

Kahleen Dalhman : While many don't assume much from this mute girl, she is one of the best shots in Sector 17. She is fiercely loyal to her brother and hopes to one day be free of the Combine Oppression.

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Eric and Kahleen

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