Originating from the town of Vyshny Volochyok the V.R.P.P is a far left communist party whos main goal is to spread communism throughout eastern Europe. They are hostile to anyone who disagrees with their ideas. Due to the large military presents during the 7 hour war inside Vyshny Volochyok, the town was unable to be taken over and controlled by the combine, this resulted in the bombing and shelling of the town for a month straight resulting in large death tolls. However a small majority of the town was able to retreat back into the old sewer systems and storm drains.

Over time a sort of government system formed between this group of couple of hundred, to help organize themselves, to manage the trips back and forth the surface to scavenge for any supplies and to start collecting food from outside the towns limits. Other than meeting with some resistance on the surface from a few headcrab zombies the majority of the town was empty due to the heavy bombardments. 

Over time more people started to join this group until it was large enough to start calling itself a real faction boasting a large size of 11,000 people. This unfortunately meant however they were now too large to maintain themselves, to adequately equip people with the essentials to survive, which started to result in large uproars in the population. This gave birth to the V.R.P.P and a few other smaller factions. The V.R.P.P however were the largest of the groups, they began taking control of the different underground stations promising equality for everyone, not just the stations which the higher powers lived in. This resulted eventually in the current governing body to step down from power and allow the V.R.P.P to take complete control of the town.

The V.R.P.P knew its only way to support the town sustainably was to expand into more towns, due to its large numbers the majority of the town was ill equipped to go out and take control of knew places, however the one thing this faction had which could be used to their advantage was its larger numbers and the V.R.P.P knew this, so their goal now is to start to move and expand their reach of power.